All About Felony Charges

The word ‘felony’ was derived from the French ‘felonie’ which aptly translates to a very serious offense or crime. In the US, felonies are often differentiated from the other types of crimes especially misdemeanor by the gravity of the penalties imposed. Generally, felony crimes are meted with the death penalty or prison terms that are longer than one year. Misdemeanor convictions usually bring about a lighter sentence of either community service or a jail term of less than a year.

The following are some of the more common felony charges that one can expect. While murder, sex crimes, and drug charges can be classified as felonies in themselves, they are nonetheless classified into more specific felony subsets.

It should be understood that felonies are serious crimes. While the penalties will greatly depend on a host of factors, it is always best to be on the legal side of things.

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