Protecting your Right to Be Free from Personal Injury

Every single human being has the right to uphold what is rightfully his – his body, his property and belongings, including his set of beliefs and ideals as well as needs. And as long as your rights do not infringe on the rights of others and society in general, you can be guaranteed of your civil liberties.

Civil liberties are a broad group of rights that every individual has and that which cannot be abridged by any civilized and democratic government without due process. So while you may have the right to express your anger, you simply do not have the right to vent that on somebody else’s property or worse, somebody else’s life and limb. In such cases, you will be infringing on that individual’s right to bodily integrity. However, if you were initially attacked and you only have to defend yourself, then you can always invoke your right to self-defense.

If this is beginning to sound so confusing, it should not be. You know that you have the right to be yourself. If someone attacks you or does something that changes your body’s integrity, you can file for personal injury claims. Understand that the term ‘personal injury’ can be interpreted by anyone in a very vague sense. Some experts would also include emotional distress and psychological trauma or even social isolation as a form of personal injury. It is always best to seek legal advice whenever you feel like your integrity as a person has been violated.

Generally, some of the more common cases that are often heard related to personal injury claims include the following :

In cases where the accident or incident resulted in the death of another person, wrongful death can be filed in court, which could potentially reap a much stiffer penalty, especially when there are aggravating factors surrounding the case. The involvement of drugs, controlled substances, and illegal firearm possession can adversely affect the outcome of such personal injury claims.

Protecting your right to freedom from bodily harm requires that you know your fundamental rights as a human being. Respecting the rights of others will often lead to a more balanced and harmonious relationships with others. In the event that your personal integrity is threatened, you can always seek the help of others who may be in a position to effect some changes in the behavior of the offending individual or party.

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